Pit Waterproofing




We see many instances where lift shafts are continually suffering from water damage, and steel components are rusting out.


Your hydraulic lift system is leaking oil and combining with water.

This contaminated water or oil will leak out of the pit/shaft through concrete seams (we see this regularly) and enter the water table to contaminate our ground and bore water systems, as well as make us feel unwell when or after using the lift.

Sealing a pit or shaft will prevent future crises, litigation in the event of a crisis, environmental impact prosecution, insurance claims or compensation issues.


                                                                                                                             We are experts at working in lift shafts. With decades of experience seeing how water enters shafts and affects systems and components.

                                                                                                                             Our know how when it comes to application, the correct products is unrivalled.




We have even repaired previous chemical injection projects that failed, and we see many of these. A client is sold on chemical injection, as easy and quick, and engages a contractor to do a project. We then come along to pump out the pit out to find a complete mess, with injection ports sticking out everywhere (trip hazards), product oozed out. We are yet to see a proper injection job that works in a lift shaft and is clean after the contractor has left.

We have also come in after previous efforts to seal a pit failed.

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