Our History

The story of our company

Blackhole Cleaning Services Pty Ltd

I had an initial curiosity whilst working on a high-rise commercial construction site which brought about the idea of incorporating a cleaning service to the lift maintenance schedules for lift companies.

In early 2003, we took the initiative to establish Blackhole.

BLKHOL was initially structured as a Lift Pit cleaning specialist which provided waste and liquid waste collection, pit degreasing, pit cleaning, pit deodourising services only.

February 2003, an idea was conceived. Marketing began and Schindler Lifts became Blackhole’s first client.

March 2004, Brent Vrab took over as owner and has established BLKHOL to be a strong participant in the maintenance schedules of Schindler Lifts Australia, OTIS Elevators, Liftronic and KONE.

BLKHOL has exposed itself to other clients such as A.S. Elevation, Multilift, Electralift, Elevator Removal Specialists and is utilised on demand.

By 2007 BLKHOL extended its services to Escalator cleaning with good feedback, therefore gaining a reputable name for the degreasing and cleaning of escalator carcasses and its steps.

As 2008 came along, Blackhole extended its services to waste oil drum collection, by removing any used oil containers from their clients warehouse spaces.

2011 brought in a year of greater promise with a new investment into an important piece of equipment which is integral to its environmental approach of responsible waste disposal/recycling. A portable incinerator. Most of the waste created and collected by Blackhole cannot be, by EPA regulations, disposed of into landfill, therefore, must be incinerated.

We have focused on putting back into the business with reinvestment from our turnover and opened up new services with dry steam cleaning and dry ice cleaning. Currently Brent is working closely with manufacturers on developing an even more efficient and safe method of waste removal from pits.

BLKHOL has great environmental potential. Potential for lessening the carbon footprint of lift companies, protecting the land and water table from lift pit seepage.
BLKHOL is in its Fifteenth year of business with a strong market presence, stable relationships, and has a good client base.

BLKHOL is established as a single proprietor business. BLKHOL has three of the major five clients confirmed, accessed the entire market.
In the 15 years BLKHOL has operated, it’s had an impeccable service record with no waste spills and no negative reports. Feedback has been 100% positive regarding its environmentalism, efficiency, productivity, professionalism and most importantly, its pricing structure. The flexibility of BLKHOL to work with its clients and keep them satisfied has earned BLKHOL an outstanding reputation that is unrivaled to date.

BLKHOL is continually focusing on better customer relations, to understand the mechanics of corporate thinking and structures, whilst learning to harmonise its behaviour to meet with the demands of its clients for stable growth.