Our Services

Specialised Cleaning Services

BLACKHOLE cleaning services has a broad range of specialist Lift Pit and Escalator cleaning services for retail complexes and commercial infrastructure.

We are poised to undertake from start to completion the cleaning of all kinds of lift pits, escalators, post construction elevators, stripped out elevator pits and shafts, steps and risers, stainless steel elements, brushes and handrails in accordance with the O.H&S. and EPA requirements.

Blackhole’s fully certified and insured cleaning specialists will efficiently and effectively clean your equipment to restore the confidence of inhabitants, customers and technicians on duty, in addition to improving appearance and extending longevity.

Our cleaning services specialise in


Vacuuming of dry refuse and dust


Degreasing of oils and grease


Pumping of water and/or oils


Removing odours from lift pits


Sharps removal and disposal


High Pressure Dry Steam Cleaning




of Pits

Benefits our services offer are


Clean/safe working conditions for technicians.


Odour free environments.


Fire hazard prevention.


Hygienic & safe


Satisfy inspection requirements.


Cut down on time, repair & labour costs.


Repair or service team members focus on their real work


Pathogen & Disease Control

Our cleaning service advantages

Blackhole guarantees savvy workmanship and dependable results

We take on each job with all needed expertise and we use environmentally preferred solutions for heavy duty cleaning that takes over where others fail. Interestingly, we also deodourise the environment with pleasant and romantic fragrances.

Blackhole is focused on using advanced sanitisers specifically designed to safe cleaning and dissolution of tough deposits of grease, grime, tar, paints, oil residues, inks and ordinary dirt to clean and maintain peak performance of your escalators and elevators.

We undertake every assignment with diligence and precision to achieve dependable results and optimum client satisfaction. Our specialist cleaners are dedicated to go the extra mile so as to breathe a new life to your Lift Pit and Escalators.

Hassle free inspection reports, accident prevention, technicians can work in a presentable and clean manner whilst focusing on repairs and maintenance only. Repairs divisions can rely on our unrivalled quick and prompt service, we take any call and unlike others we do not pick and choose our jobs.

Keep your repair personnel purely focused on their mechanical work, not cleaning, removing and transporting waste material or liquid from lift or escalator pits.

Our escalator service is ever evolving since its introduction in 2007 with good success. We’re focusing on improving efficiency and lowering prices as we become more proficient. We do not compromise on quality of work to meet a deadline or make profits, yet we understand downtime in public escalators and lifts is a crucial issue for many clients.

We also pick up new and used oil drums, empty or full from site or depot, at a very competitive price.

Added to Blackhole’s list of services is incineration of your solid oily waste, which should not be disposed of in landfill, such as; synthetic oil pads, used to dry salt, oily rags, used oil filters, and any oily refuse removed from lift pits.

Further information and pricing can be obtained with a phone call or arrange an appointment to discuss our cleaning procedures and contractual maintenance pricing structures in detail.

We offer a unique signature of excellence in Lift Pit and Escalator cleaning

As the most proficient elevator and escalator cleaning service provider in Sydney and surrounding areas, we have multiple site experience to help keep your essential people mover equipment distinctively clean and extremely functional.
Apart from providing Lift Pit and Escalator cleaning services to both residential and industrial locations, our cleaning expertise and abilities further extends to builders, lift companies and the construction industry.

Our services are fast and cost effective

Escalators and elevators records high frequency of usage in commercial properties and as a result of this, there is always grime build-up which can affect the performance and longevity of the equipment.

We will help clean up the Lift Pit and Escalator with minimal downtime to your equipment and operations. Our services are cost effective and rendered at customers preferred time. We will give the equipment a new look and feel and enhance the value of your property with our professional cleaning program.

We offer free-obligation escalator consultation services; call us today.

24/7 emergency cleaning and sanitisation services

Blackhole is committed to ensuring that your operations cannot be disrupted by emergency elevator breakdown due to the massive build-up of grease, grime, oil or dust. Therefore, we have a dedicated team of professionals that will come to your rescue immediately after we receive your call.

No matter your location, we have technicians who understand the nooks and crannies of Sydney and will arrive within minutes. Our emergency cleaning and sanitation services can be accessed during weekends, and holidays without additional cost.

Our sanitation and elevator cleaning services are nothing short of amazing, and they are aligned more with your needs. Why not call and give us a trial and let us make you an obligation free offer!