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BLACKHOLE Cleaning Services offers elevator shaft floor cleaning only, not shaft wall cleaning. We also clean escalator steps, pits, trusses and rails.

As a lift pit cleaning specialist, we believe our service fulfills the O.H.S. and EPA requirements, to maintain a clean lift pit, so inhabitants, consumers and any technicians on duty may use your lifts with assurance of a safe transit and/or working environment.

Our cleaning services specialise in;
  • Vacuuming of dry refuse and dust.
  • Degreasing of oils and grease.
  • Pumping of water and/or oils.
  • Removing odours from lift pits.
  • Sharps removal and disposal.

Benefits our services offer are;
  • Clean/safe working conditions for technicians.
  • Fire hazard prevention.
  • Odour free environments.
  • Satisfy inspection requirements.
  • Cut down time on repair labour costs.
  • Repair or service team members focus on their real work

Hassle free inspection reports, accident prevention, technicians work in a presentable and clean manner whilst focusing on repairs and maintenance only.  Repairs divisions can rely on our unrivaled quick and prompt service, we take any call and unlike others we do not pick and choose our jobs. Keep repair personnel purely focused on their mechanical work, not cleaning, removing and transporting waste matter or liquid from lift or escalator pits.

Our escalator service is ever evolving having been only introduced during 2007 with good success. We are focusing on improving efficiency and lowering prices as we become more proficient. We do not compromise on quality of work to meet a deadline or make profits, yet we understand down time on public escalators is a crucial issue for many clients.

We also now pick up new and used oil drums, empty or full from site or depot, at a very competitive price.

Added to Blackhole's list of services is incineration of your solid oily waste, which should not be disposed of in landfill, such as synthetic oil pads, used drysorb, oily rags, used oil filters, and any oily refuse removed from lift pits.

Further information and pricing can be attained with a phone call or arrange an appointment to discuss our cleaning procedures and contractual maintenance pricing structures in detail.
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