What We Do

Blackhole Cleaning Services Sydney

Lift Pit Cleaning

We remove all types of refuse from lift shafts and provide degreasing and deodourising services.

Escalator & Escalator Pit Cleaning

Never an easy or fun project. We have developed an efficient and exceptional standard for both types of cleaning.

Lift Pit Waterproofing

We only seal lift pits, making us the specialists at what we do, using the products specific to the task.

LIFT Pit Sanitisation

For those lifts that smell like a rubbish tip when you ride in. Our sanitisation service will clear the air.

Steam Cleaning

Our Italian high pressure dry steam service will clean with or without degreaser on any surface. An excellent way to clean stainless steel!

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Cryogenic Cleaning

State of the art portable dry ice pressure blasting will clean any surface without waste water or chemicals. The new age of waste free cleaning.

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About Us

Blackhole is a family owned & run business.

Blackhole was founded in early 2003. It underwent a change of ownership in early 2004 and went on to acquire an excellent reputation within the vertical transport industry as a specialist elevator pit cleaning company. Clients such as Schindler Lifts Australia, OTIS Elevators Australia and Liftronic regularly utilise Blackhole for a variety of services ranging from the standard pit cleaning to lift motor rooms and escalators.

Blackhole expanded to escalator cleaning by mid 2007 and during 2008 also started collecting oil drums at reasonable and competitive prices.

In 2011, Blackhole acquired equipment to provide environmental incineration of solid contaminated waste collected onsite which cannot be transported to landfill.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Some words from our happy customers

Mark A



"Working with Brent and his team is always easy, fast, effective and they do a great job. Last minute calls, day or night Brent makes it happen. From pumping oil from Hydro tanks to cleaning the pit before the start of a ripout they have it down to an art. Thank you for all your help and see you on the next job."

12, Jan 2018

Scott B

Great Experience


"Brent is easy to deal with, always gets his work done efficiently and cleanly. We haven’t used his services for escalators, however for lift pit cleaning Brent sets the standard very high."

9, Feb 2018